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Unrivaled ground speed and spot spray water truck systems

Envirospray® is a digitally controlled spray system that uses OMNICONTROL® technology to provide a ground speed proportional spray system with a distance based spot spray feature. The system uses the truck speed sensor to automatically control water pump speeds and spray head selection to suit the operators settings. OMNICONTROL® nodal technology enables modules to be added or removed to customize systems and reduces wiring by up to 70% over traditional systems.

Enviro Spray Product Image 1


Variable motor design optimizes performance & minimizes hydraulic temperatures

  • Motor stroke adjusts to absorb total hoist pump flow, reducing hydraulic operating pressures
  • System can control water pump speeds up to 3000 rpm, maximizing cannon and spray performance
  • The system integrates with all major truck brands without changing the OEM hydraulic flow paths


Touch screen user interface

  • Intuitive touch operation negates the need for detailed training manuals
  • 10.4” screen provides graphical feedback of system operation and performance
  • OMNICONTROL® can control multiple systems from the one platform decluttering drivers cabins


IP6k9k controllers with CAN interface

  • Controllers are certified IP6k9k are enclosed within aluminum housings and also guarded by SS covers or mounted within SS control boxes for maximum protection
  • Each output has a dedicated plug with an associated input for full closed loop control


Envirospray Product 2

 Envirospray® is available in a range of configurations to suit almost any application (Including retrofitting to existing systems) and will work on most common truck types. Standard configurations are able to control up to 6 spray heads, 3 remote cannons, proportional foam/detergent injection, water/foam/detergent tank level display, two camera inputs, water fill station control automatic shutdown, hydraulic tank level monitoring, cloud based data capturing and more.

Close Coupled Pump/Motor and spray/cannon control module

  • ISO 125x100x250 standard mount
  • Controls up to 6 spray heads
  • Controls 1 rear cannon with fog/jet nozzle
  • Full diagnostic transducers

Digital Live Diagnostics

  • Hydraulic flow monitoring
  • Hydraulic pressure monitoring
  • Coil current monitoring
  • Truck input monitoring
  • Motor control monitoring
  • Spray control monitoring
  • Cannon control monitoring
  • Foam control monitoring
  • Water level monitoring

Modular Additional Control Boxes

  • Integrated manifold
  • Integrated CAN controller
  • Controls up to 6 spray heads
  • Controls 1 cannon with fog/jet nozzle

All functions from a single Touch Screen interface

  • Spray Head, Cannon & AUX Control
  • Water application rate and spot spray control